At Ease Like The Blooming Lotus

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About the Book

The search for peace and fulfillment has always been one of the driving forces in the life of author Haimnauth Ramkirath. In his book, At Ease Like the Blooming Lotus, he calls for readers to transcend the monotony of daily living and work for the salvation of their soul with diligence by channeling his messages through a collection of stunning poetry.

Ramkirath draws from the teachings and wisdom of classical, philosophical, and religious literature and traditions of the East, incorporating them in his poems. The poems echoes strong sentiments and indignation about pressing issues of today—from the suffering of the poor, increasing violence, rampant racism, and all forms of oppression and discrimination. Ramkirath believes the way to lasting peace and happiness is through the awakening of one’s social conscience. It is his hope that his poems will encourage readers to unite and push for change through tangible expressions of service and love. They have to look out for each other.

Written in simple and natural form, this poetry collection embodies deep and profound messages. Much like the blooming lotus, humans have to break free from their conditioned state, rising up from the tumult and the unrest, and embracing the beauty and truth around them.

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About the Author

Growing up in a small village in Guyana, Haimnauth Ramkirath is no stranger to the beauty and simplicity of country life that shaped his abiding love for nature. For ten years, he worked as a teacher in Guyana until 1991, when he took up residency in the USA. A professional accountant, he worked his way up to the controllership level. His interest in the spiritual and philosophical teachings and traditions of the East started from an early age. The poems found in his book reflect his intense inner search and contemplation.

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“The living present/Teeming with music and beauty/That holds the pulse of eternity/Breathes a sublime influence/Anchoring us to the truth/That life is so precious/A gift from the Most Gracious.”

“Life is a strange compound/A mixture of joy and sorrow/The exact proportion that falls to one’s lot/No one can discern or plot.”

“Untethered to past and future/An inner stillness to capture/All things fresh and new/As if never seen before/Their inner sacred core/Beyond thought and speech/To thrill a heart at ease.”

“More potent than healing herbs/All the medicines in the world/Is the power of prayer/Issuing from the soul/In heart – felt surrender/Unburdening the heart and mind/ To the Sweet Lord/The way miracles are wrought.”

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